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Vientiane - Sample Itinerary 2 days 1 night

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Laos is and has been a long sleeping beauty nestled in hills and mountains to the northeast of Thailand and on the southern borders of China. Its people, and language, are cousins to Thai people; fully seventy-percent of the Lao and Thai languages are mutually intelligible. Whereas Laos is politically influenced by Vietnam, its principal economic influence comes from Thailand. Like the Thai’s, but to a far greater extent, the Lao people are gentle, soft spoken, hospitable and very welcoming human beings. The isolation of the country makes it the least traveled of all Indochinese countries.
Like Cambodia, its ancient capital, Luang Prabang, is in the northern part of the country while its modern capital is in the southern part of the country. Almost any visit to Laos requires a stop in Vientiane due to air routings: direct air service to Luang Prabang is very limited. Like Phnom Penh, Vientiane is a quaint small town which was built by the French as their colonial capital of Laos in the mid-nineteenth-century. While it is possible to transit Vientiane on one’s way to the world UNESCO site of Luang Prabang, we strongly recommend a day in Vientiane if time permits. 

Air Service: There is daily air service from Bangkok and Hanoi to Vientiane, Laos. Air service on the Trans-Indochina Flight from Phnom Penh, Cambodia X-5. 
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