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Phnom Penh 2 days 1 night

Duration: 2 days / 1 night
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Many people seem to believe that Phnom Penh is not worthy of a visit. To the contrary, we feel that it is well worthy of a day if anyone is nearby. 
Phnom Penh is not anything of a Goliath, but something more like a remote provincial capital touched by beauty, by history and by the waters of the giant Mekong River. It is not just the capital of modern Cambodia, but a former French colonial town born in the mid nineteenth-century and dotted with 200-years of modern Cambodian history. From the Royal Palace to the Cambodian National Museum, to the Toul Sleng Museum of Genocide and the Killing Fields, it chronicles the history of a brave and ancient people entering a new world built upon the ashes of the old. 
Whereas Angkor Wat will inform you of the history of ancient Cambodia, Phnom Penh will acquaint you with its contemporary history, from French colonial times to present. In our opinion, it is well worthy of a day. 
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