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Ankor Wat - 3 Days

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
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There are few words in any language which can describe the splendor of Angkor Wat appropriately, for in the sheer immensity of is beauty, it defies any reference to anything on Earth. The ruins at Angkor Wat are not just the familiar spires of a vast complex which the world has come to know as Angkor Wat, but the ruins of a vast myriad of differing sites spanning hundreds of acres. It is impossible for anyone to see all of the sites well, let alone the singular site of Angkor Wat well; to do so would require hundreds of days. What one can do is come to admire some portions of this vast complex of temples constructed over the span of 400-years by an ancient civilization whose dedication to the creation of beauty knows no reference, anywhere, on our Blue Planet. The tyranny of its vastness is the creator of sadness for those who visit it. Come to Angkor Wat not to ‘see it’ but to behold it, for it is something like you will never see anywhere else. 
In the few short recent years which the ruins at Angkor Wat have been available to visit, it has seen compounding numbers of visitors, but these numbers of people are not any indication yet of the vast numbers in the future who will yet come. Now, in the beginning, is the best time to view Angkor Wat. We recommend 2-days at Angkor Wat for it is impossible to see it all. 2-days will provide you with the highlights of it beauty and leave you humble by its vastness. 
For your information, there are two “circuits,” the large and the small, each with seemingly countless temples; you may choose to see any which you wish. We have recommended below two-days of seeing the highlights, and, for even the most hearty, this is perhaps a agenda far too ambitious. 
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